Cable Broadband Marketshare Surpasses 68% in Biggest Growth Quarter Since 2012

Leading U.S. wireline broadband operators added 1.245 million customers in Q2

The top 16 U.S. wireline broadband providers, representing 96% of the market, added 1.245 million customers in the pandemic-fueled second quarter, according to figures released by Leichtman Research Group.

It was the biggest customer growth period for that industry since the first quarter fo 2012, LRG said.

Led by Charter Communications’ subsidy-spurred growth of 850,000 high-speed internet users, the leading eight cable broadband providers added nearly 1.4 million broadband customers in the second quarter. They now jointly control more than 68% of U.S. wireline broadband subscribers.

No. 1 U.S. cable company Comcast added 323,000 high-speed internet (HSI) customers in the second quarter.

AT&T (down 114,000 wireline HSD customers), Verizon (23,000), CenturyLink (-29,000) and Frontier Communications (41,000) were part of a phone company contingent that jointly lost nearly 156,000 customers in Q2, according to LRG.


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