DNCC Promotes OTT Convention Coverage

Video makes TV watchers appear a bit clueless

The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) is promoting online streaming of the Democratic National Convention, which starts Monday.  

No surprise there since it is the first-ever virtual convention and the DNCC is providing its own curated coverage. But while the proceedings are being covered on broadcast and cable TV as well, a DNC promo video clearly puts a thumb on the scale for over-the-top, making the TV watcher (singular) appear older school and behind the curve. 

In its “How Are You Going to Watch the Democratic National Convention” YouTube video (below), the DNC features engaged, upbeat people talking about watching the convention by streaming it on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Prime, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon Echo, Twitch, or the DNCC site. 

The comic relief comes from a “dad” on the couch who appears clueless. When asked where he is going to watch the convention he goes “huh?”–while a graphic explains, parenthetically, “probably on television,” accompanied by a mocking emoji.

At least former Republican Governor John Kasich, who is supporting Democrat Joe Biden and speaking at the convention in support of the Democratic ticket Monday night, sent out an e-mail Monday saying folks could either watch it on TV (first option) or on the DNCC Web site.



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